Araseal Zatpat (FC)
Araseal Zatpat (FC) is an ideal choice for super fast sealing, patching & re-building broken parts
    Fast Setting
    Solvent Free
    Bonding Strength
    Chemical Resistant
    Stops Leakage
An ideal fix for sealing, joining and repairing services, Araseal Zatpat (FC) is a go to epoxy putty commonly used to seal joints on doors, kitchen, internal and external fittings, it also gives better coverage and smooth finish to stop leakages.
25g, 100g
Where to apply
Directions to use

Seal Adhesive

At Araldite, over the years we have strived to bring out the best solutions for the society that aspires greatness. Keeping the same principle in mind and Araldite’s years of expertise in the adhesive technology, we bring to you the Araseal Zatpat (FC). This professional grade epoxy putty is perfect for any type of fixes that requires super-fast sealing, patching, and strong bonding strength. Whether you are looking for a seal adhesive to fix a leaking tap, leaking ceiling, leaky pipe or seal any joints in the kitchen or even on your door, you have landed on the right page. The Araseal Zatpat (FC) can take care of all your indoor and outdoor repairs, sealing, patching, or bonding of any broken parts. 

Along with long and durable bonds, Araseal Zatpat (FC)’s fast setting property ensures you have quick sealing, patching, and repairs of broken parts. The Araseal Zatpat (FC) is solvent-free and chemical resistant. In fact, it can even cure underwater. The epoxy putty is an ideal seal adhesive for sealing, joining and repairing services that give a smooth finish to stop any sort of leakage. The Araseal Zatpat (FC) strong adhesive strength stays is applicable on a wide range of surfaces. When it comes to the application of the epoxy putty, you can use it in the foundry, any Automotive or Electrical repairs and maintenance.

Ideal for all your home repairs, you don’t have to worry anymore about fixing the leaking tap, leaking pipe and leaking ceiling again and again. Araldite epoxy putty promises excellent adhesive strength and durability in one go. The Araseal Zatpat (FC) can be used anywhere in the house to seal, patch, build broken parts, or even for any of your hobby crafts.

Best Seal Adhesive Manufacturers in India

Choosing the right seal adhesive shouldn’t be a task with Araldite’s Araseal Zatpat (FC).  The super-fast seal adhesive is ideal for any fixes and repairs that require strong and durable bonds that are even resistant to chemicals. Araldite, the best seal adhesive manufacturers in India, promise you years of Araldite’s adhesive technology in the Araseal Zatpat (FC).  The epoxy putty can be used to prevent leakages, sealing, bonding, repairing of any broken parts. The seal adhesive can seal joints on doors, kitchen, and even washrooms. It also gives better coverage and smooth finish to stop leakages on taps and ceilings. The Araseal Zatpat (FC) even cures underwater. It is the most versatile epoxy putty you will find in the market. The epoxy putty can be used not just for indoor home repairs and hobby crafts, but can also be used for automotive and electrical repairs and maintenance.

When it comes to the application of the seal adhesive, you can follow these simple steps. Cut the required quantity of resin and hardener sticks from the pack. Please ensure you wear suitable gloves or apply barrier cream while mixing. After you put on your gloves, mix them well till it appears uniform in colour. In the next step apply the putty immediately on a clean surface using fingers or with a roller knife for excellent results.

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