Araldite Standard Epoxy Container Packs
Bond anything to anything with the world's strongest adhesive. Experience life long durable bonds.
    Heat Resistant
    Chemical Resistant
Araldite® Standard is a waterproof epoxy adhesive that possesses not just strong & durable bonds but is also resistant to water, heat, corrosion and most chemicals. It is suited for all types of applications across the Industrial and DIY sectors and is ideal for all the surfaces such as stone, metal, ceramic, glass, wood, rubber, etc.
450g, 700, 1.08kg, 3.6kg & 5.4kg
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Araldite Standard Epoxy Glue

At Araldite, we strive to build solutions for consumers and industries that aspire for greatness and bring out the best in the society. Our custom made and powerful Adhesive help them achieve excellence in everything they do. Abiding by the same principles, Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive has been formulated with the utmost finesse to provide the best results. Before we go ahead, let us first tell you what exactly an epoxy glue is. These are the most versatile adhesives of the polymer types and provide strong and durable bonds. Along with their adhesive strength, the epoxy glue possesses thermal stability, repairability, dielectric properties and retention of these properties under high thermomechanical stresses and environmental exposures such as humidity.

The professional grade Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive can be trusted not just for DIY home fixes but also for Industrial solutions. The Araldite Epoxy range of adhesives are extremely convenient to use and protects the bonds from water, heat, corrosion, and most chemicals. The Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive has the widest range of applications and is the perfect epoxy adhesive for surfaces like glass, wood, rubber, stone, metal, ceramics, concrete, most plastics and many more. It is truly the best epoxy glue available in the market that fixes and bonds anything to anything.

Araldite for Granite

Araldite has been a pioneer and a leading epoxy glue manufacturer for many years now. Owing to the years of Araldite’s experience in adhesive technology, Araldite Standard Epoxy Container Packs are produced to ensure you have strong and durable bonds for all your creations and fixes. The Araldite Epoxy has a wide range of applications on various surfaces. You can use Araldite on Granite, stone, ceramic, glass, concrete, and many more.

From kitchen slabs to window framing, India trusts only Araldite. When it comes to the assembly using Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive, the application is easy and convenient. Just make sure the surfaces that need to be bonded are clean, dry, roughened and degreased. Squeeze out equal amounts by volume, from both the containers and mix thoroughly. The mix should be used within 45 mins. Apply a thin layer on both surfaces and leave it for an overnight dry. By morning, the adhesive will gain its full strength and you can even paint the object as per your requirements.

Best Epoxy Glue Manufacturers in India

Whether you are looking for the best epoxy glue for your DIY creatives or to fix something that you have accidentally broken, you’ve landed on the right page. Araldite, the best Epoxy Glue Manufacturers in India, has a wide range of epoxy glues for you to bond anything to anything in no time! Be it to bond something that requires high-transparency and a water-white glue for your DIY creative endeavors to something for your home projects, the Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive product range has it all.

The Araldite Standard Epoxy Container Packs promises you with the strongest bonds for all your repair needs. After all, repair is always better than replace, right? With Araldite Epoxy you don’t have to let go of your favorite memoirs, family heirlooms, or your favorite creations. The Araldite Standard Epoxy helps you create bonds that last forever. This epoxy glue has a wide range of applications and is not just water-proof but heat and oil resistant along with the benefit of being resistant to most chemicals.

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