Araldite Klear Container Pack
Colourless, transparent adhesive with rapid curing at room temperature, best suited for providing a clear and aesthetic finish to all your DIY needs.
    Minutes Setting
    Solvent Free
    Chemical Resistant
    Heat Resistant
Araldite® Klear ensures a strong bond every time with its medium viscosity and solvent-free properties. The water white adhesive has a clear glue line that takes five minutes to bond two surfaces together. It is resistant to oil, water, heat, corrosion and most chemicals.
450g, 1.08kg
Where to apply
Directions to use

Araldite Klear Glue for Ceramic

Araldite Klear, part of Araldite’s line of professional-grade epoxy glues, is a no glue line, solvent free, water-white transparent glue that provides you with invisible bonds. The crystal clear and high transparency property makes the Araldite Klear glue blend in with any two surfaces so well, making it impossible for you to spot the bond/joint. The Klear glue doesn’t just take care of the aesthetic side of your creations but also promises you Araldite’s years of adhesive technology of strong and durable bonds. Applicable on a wide range of surfaces like glass, ceramic, metals, and more, this powerful glue will help you create bonds that last forever. Not just these, the Araldite Klear glue just requires a 5-minutes setting to bond any two surfaces. Also, it leaves no residue so you can even paint your objects once they have dried. These properties make Araldite Klear, the perfect jewellery glue for your creations. 

The Araldite Klear glue is undoubtedly the best ceramic glue you will find in the market for your favourite ceramic items. Be it to fix that fancy china porcelain, favourite ceramic cup, or any glass item, the Araldite Klear glue can take care of it all. The Araldite Klear glue is not just water proof but also possesses the benefits of heat resistance and the resistance from chemicals. So, you can take your favorites anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about them. This glue is perfect for ceramic jobs that involve high transparency, strong bonds, and creations that require quick settings.

Glue for Jewellery Making

Araldite Klear, easily passes as the best clear, transparent, fast-drying, and strong glue for jewellery making. The water white glue is the finest glue you will find in the market to either create your handicrafts, fix your jewellery or any surface that needs a smooth and transparent finish. This jewellery glue bonds any two surfaces in just 5-minutes, along with the promise of robust bonds and even leaves no residue. Thus, letting you paint the two surfaces that you bonded with ease once they are fully dried.

Araldite Klear, your perfect choice of glue for jewellery making is also a water-proof glue. So, this gives you the benefit of wearing your handcrafted jewellery anywhere and everywhere without the fear of it being damaged by water. The glue’s heat and oil resistance properties give the jewelleries an impeccable bond in any environment. The Klear glue is even resistant to most chemicals.

Now, coming to the right way of applying the glue on the surfaces that need to be bonded, make sure both the surfaces are clean, dry, roughened, and degreased. Pour out equal amounts by volume from both the containers and mix them thoroughly. Ensure that you are using the mixture within 2-3 minutes. Apply a thin layer to both the surfaces that need to be bonded, clamp them, and leave them for 5 minutes. That’s it! With Klear’s 5-minutes setting property, it is the ideal glue for your jobs that requires speedy, high-transparency, and strong bonds.

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