Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat (Heat Resistant)
Araldite® Karpenter SR Zatpat, a fast-bonding adhesive suitable for fixing upholstery, furniture, edge banding, and automotive building.
    Fast Drying
    Tack Retention
    20% more Coverage
    Bonding Strength
    Heat Resistant
Trust Araldite® Karpenter SR Zatpat (Heat Resistant) to protect your work from getting exposed to heat. Suitable for bonding decorative laminates, veneer wood and more, it can also withstand heat upto 180°C.
100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 2Ltr, 5Ltr & 30Ltr
Where to apply
Directions to use

Instant Adhesive

At Araldite, every day, we strive to bring out innovation and excellence in everything we do. Keeping that in mind we have come up with our finest instant adhesive, Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat (Heat Resistant). This conveniently joins any two surfaces made up of wood, decorative laminates, veneer and more. With the aim to empower people who aspire for greatness with their creations, the Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat ensures strong and durable bonds. This multi-purpose instant adhesive can take care of your indoor as well as outdoor needs. Whether you want to build furniture for your home, fix your footwear, PVC flooring, apply on the car, or on a bus body, trust Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat to do it all! These can be done with ease and in no time with a promise of robust bonds that lasts forever.

This fast-bonding, fast-drying instant adhesive can withstand heat up to 180°C. So, you don’t have to worry about protecting your favourites from getting exposed to heat. Along with the fast bonding property, the instant adhesive ensures strongest bond strength between the surfaces. These properties make Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat suitable for fixing upholstery, fixing or building furniture, edge banding, and can even be used for automotive building.

Instant Adhesive Manufacturers in India 

Araldite, an instant adhesive manufacturer in India, promises you bonds that last forever. The quick-drying, fast-bonding and strong bonds properties of Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat, hands down make it one of the best instant adhesives you will find in the market. The brilliance of the bonding strength makes Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat the ideal choice for furniture and automotive building. Powered with the benefit of withstanding heat up to 180°C, you can take your creations or fixes anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about them.

When it comes to the application of the instant adhesive on the surfaces, first stir the adhesive well before use.  Clean the substrates thoroughly and make sure they are dry. Apply the adhesive on both the substrates and allow them to dry for 5-10 minutes. Bring the two surfaces together & apply equal pressure on all the sides of the object you want to bond. Leave the object overnight for curing and for the adhesive to gain its full strength.

With its super-strong, flexible, and heat resistance adhesive properties, Araldite Karpenter SR Zatpat makes it the perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor fixes. Not just that, even for your masterpiece creations the multi-purpose instant adhesive ensures you have robust bonds that last forever!

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