Araldite In Action
Explore your DIY side with this Festive Project

Diwali is almost here and we cannot contain our excitement any longer. With festivities just around the corner, this occasion calls for beautiful decorations. While many decorations are being sold everywhere, why not ditch those and do DIY decor projects instead? Here’s a lovely wooden festive tray idea by DIY Blogger Disha Mishra Dubey that you could try. It’s a simple upcycling idea that is not time-consuming at all.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. A broken/old study table
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Acrylic paint colours
  4. Araldite Standard Epoxy
  5. Araldite Klear  
  6. 2 brass handles
  7. Small circular mirrors
  8. Decorative beads 

Step 1: Clean
First, unscrew the legs of the study table using a screwdriver. Once done, clean and dry the surface of the table side that you will paint on with a cloth. Now draw the design using chalk and paint it with acrylic colours. Let the design dry up.

Step 2: Mix
While the design dries, mix the resin and hardener of Araldite Standard Epoxy in a bowl. Apply this mix to the brass handles and stick it to the table where the holes from the previous legs were. Now let the adhesive dry so that the bond remains sturdy and stuck properly.

Step 3: Apply
Now it’s time to stick the mirrors and decorative beads. For that you will need to mix the resin and hardener tubes of Araldite Klear for seamless fixing. Once mixed, apply the adhesive to the mirrors and bead and stick it to the corners of the table as part of the design.

Step 4: Fix Forever
Now that you have stuck all the things to the table, let it dry. In just 5 minutes, the items are fixed and the tray is ready to be displayed.

If you are in the mood to create some funky DIY during the festive season, make sure you keep Araldite and Klear handy as your creative partners. Get shopping!