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Araldite® is a brand pioneering solutions to help
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The Godfather of Araldite®
Konrad Meyerhans
This is an extract from the article written by
Edward Wynne Morris, Global Communications Director, Huntsman Advanced Materials

The story of Araldite® begins with a man named Konrad Meyerhans. His vision, evident in his role in developing the commercial value of epoxy adhesives has been instrumental in making Araldite® what it is today. It was a simple breakthrough of realizing that epoxy adhesives bond brilliantly with aluminum that has subsequently given rise to a whole field of study and provided viable, cheaper solutions to many industries.

What began as a hobby for Meyerhans with people experimenting the epoxy for applications in different industries has turned out today as a multi-million dollar market. This drive to find new horizons to use this "wonderful material", as coined by Konrad himself, led to earning him the title "The Epoxy Billy Graham". Konrad Meyerhans reflects all that we hold dear at Araldite®: tireless innovation and relentless commitment to the proposition that there is always a
better solution out there waiting to be found.

Why Araldite®

It is this sense of responsibility that we go about the mammoth task ahead of us: to build solutions for a society on the move. Every day, we strive to do justice to that end, to mirror the honesty and integrity with which our patrons do their work and to collectively build a future that makes winners out of all of us.

Customer Centric
Super Strong Bonds
Diversified Application
Legacy and Culture
Across a wide range of different industries spanning from aerospace to green energy, our products have gained a unique reputation for being resilient. Over 70 years, we have built a legacy around innovation, sustainable development and performance. The drive to constantly push the boundaries of human limitations is a cornerstone of our culture here at Araldite®. When you use Araldite®, you become a part of that culture: our most elaborate experiment in progress.
In the 21st century, when the world around us is ever-changing, we salute the spirit of the craftsmen whose work is the bedrock of this new era. Araldite® prides itself on being a socially responsible brand. All Araldite® products adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. Ideals of respect, fairness and sustainability are deeply embedded in our value system and reinforced in all of our associates.
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