Araldite In Action
3 Must Try DIY Ideas For Your Ganesh Celebration

Regardless of whether you think you’re artistic or not, the Ganesh Chaturthi festival offers the perfect opportunity to try your hand at some exciting DIY crafts. Here are 3 bloggers who took to upcycling simple household items and made their own DIY decor pieces for Ganeshotsav.


1. An Agarbatti stand using pistachio shells

DIY artist Nupur Rahar decided to use just 5 items to create a beautiful agarbatti stand. She repurposed pistachio shells, a lid, gold spray paint, Araldite Standard Epoxy and Araldite Klear adhesive to create this beautiful decor item for her Ganesha idol.

2. A DIY diya using plastic spoons

All it took were a few plastic spoons, a piece of circular wood and Araldite Standard Epoxy adhesive for Gobblegrams to create this beautiful tea candle stand for Bappa.

3. DIY eco-friendly Ganpati idol

Artist duo Varsha Nair and Vivek Wagh created a beautiful eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha using just 2 items – jute ropes and Araldite as adhesive.

Want to know how they made these beautiful artistic pieces with Araldite?

Here’s what they used:

  1.  Araldite Standard Epoxy 
  2. Araldite Klear
  3. Pasting stick (in some cases)
  4. Working gloves

Directions to use:

  1. Clean :Wipe the surfaces to be bonded
  2. Mix : Equal quantities of resin & hardener
  3. Apply : Coat the mixture on the items
  4. Fix forever : Let it dry properly

Were you inspired to craft some cool DIYs to add to your home-bound Ganpati festivities? We would love to know, so leave us a comment!