Araldite In Action
3 amazing things you didn't know you could fix instead of flinging away!

Tempted by the gazillion shiny new things waiting to be added to your shopping cart? Hold on! Take a moment to ask yourself whether you need that 56th new cup or buy your child her 101st new doll. Why not get a little creative and try your hand at some good old fashioned DIY? You’ll not just be saving money but who knows, you could also create some cool new things through upcycling. When you have the choice to repair, why replace something special? Here are 3 objects that are absolutely irreplaceable and must be fixed:


1) Your little girl's favourite doll

Is there anything more difficult than fixing your fussy little one’s mood if her favourite toy breaks? Thankfully it’s not difficult at all to fix it. Simply follow the instructions given below and the toy will be fixed along with your daughter’s mood.

2) Hubby's special coffee mug

Remember that one time your son forgot to get a Fathers’ Day gift and you had to give a proxy (after some proper emotional blackmailing to your forgetful son)? Unfortunately the cup broke, along with your husband’s heart! The good news is you can fix the mug using Araldite. Unless you want your son to buy a new one.

Surprise him with his favourite old mug and maybe try a new coffee variant!

3) Grandpa's favourite gramophone

While you may not be able to bring back the good old days for Grandpa, you can definitely help him take a trip down memory lane by fixing his old gramophone with Araldite.

After you fix his favourite, turn your dadaji into a DJ and give him some song requests!

How to become your family's favourite fixer with Araldite?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Araldite Standard Epoxy
  2. Araldite masking tape (in some cases)
  3. Working gloves

Here are some easy peasy ways to fix your favourites instead of flinging them away. We are sure it’ll inspire you to unleash the fixer in you.  

Step 1: Clean
Clean and dry the broken surfaces with a cloth before you get started.

Step 2: Mix
Don’t forget to wear gloves before you mix the resin and hardener together. 

Step 3: Apply
Now, apply a coat of the mixture to the broken pieces.

Step 4: Fix Forever
Align the broken surfaces together, clamp them using masking tape and leave it overnight. Remove the masking tape the next day very carefully and your object is now fixed forever.