Enabling Excellence
Araldite® is an enabler of human progress.
Consumer Solutions
Products for Great Minds
We see your drive and your zeal to aspire excellence and we want to be your partners in that. To the artists among us, Araldite® offers a hand in friendship. No matter what your art is about, Araldite®’s wide range of products helps you build faster, stronger and better. Find something that is made for you.
Every day at Araldite®, we strive to build solutions that can fuel your passion and uplift your craft. We constantly work to make products that increase the efficiency and sustainability of the industries that aspire for greatness.
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Do It Yourself
Build your world with Araldite®
Building a bookshelf is better than buying one. We know that your craft is a matter of the heart. To help you harness that inner craftsman and unleash your potential, Araldite® brings you bonds that measure up to your drive and do justice to your art.
Industry Solutions
Bonds that push human excellence
Our products are custom-made with a singular goal in mind: innovating and building the world as we know it. When the measure of human progress is at stake, industry leaders trust only Araldite®. We understand the impact of powerful bonds in everyday life, and we take that very seriously.
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About US
The story of Araldite®
Araldite® is a brand that is working tirelessly to provide adhesive solutions to industries and people who aspire for greatness. Whether it be in space, or on an aircraft, or in industries that make the world as we know it, or in the workshop of that driven handyman who wants to start his own business, at Araldite® we make bonds that help you achieve magnificence.
J.R. Geigy AG begins trading in chemicals and dyes
Chemical Industry Basel (CIBA) is formed
Ciba merges with J.R. Geigy to form Ciba-Geigy
Ciba-Geigy merges with Sandoz to form Novartis
Ciba Specialty Chemicals independent of Novartis
Vantico is formed for Performance Polymers
Vantico is acquired by Huntsman and becomes Advance Material division
Huntsman becomes a public company
News & Media
Launches Mobile Medical Ambulance

Huntsman launched its Mobile Medical Ambulance in association with Freedom for You Foundation at Yadav Nagar, Navi Mumbai.

Construction and Architecture

For more than 70 years, Huntsman Araldite has been the leader in high-performance adhesive technology, catering to the needs of a number of different industries.

B2B Purchase December 2018

Different customers have different needs and understanding these needs is an important factor when it comes to manufacturing the right products.

Top Adhesive Company in India

At Araldite, every day we strive to build solutions for a society that’s always on the move. We believe in bringing out innovation in everything we do. Araldite adhesives are formulated with the utmost finesse to provide the best results. We aim to create strong and durable bonds not just for household uses but also for industrial purposes.

Be it for the artists among us or the self-doers with ingenious DIY ideas and craftsmanship, Araldite creates bonds that last forever. To keep up with the ever-changing world around us, all Araldite® products adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. Being among the top adhesive companies in India, at Araldite we believe in giving power to innovators, masons, carpenters, builders, self -fixers and the artists.

Being an industry leader, we manufacture adhesives across industries. For our consumer solutions, we have products ranging from epoxy adhesives to Klear glue, spray paints and Karpenter glue for wood fixes. When it comes to industrial solutions, our wide portfolio of adhesives caters to the needs of more than 20 different industries like electrical and electronics, aerospace, automotive and many more. We are constantly striving to manufacture products that are sustainable and push the boundaries of human limitations.

Best Cyanoacrylate Manufacturers in India

Before we claim to be the best Cyanoacrylate Manufacturers in India let us first tell you what exactly cyanoacrylates is. Cyanoacrylates come from fast bonding glues that are strong and durable. These can be used to bond anything to everything and can be used for both industrial and household purposes. Describing the properties, we can proudly say that Araldite Epoxy adhesives are far superior than the best cyanoacrylate manufacturers in India. Our range of adhesives empowers you with robust bonds that last forever. Even amongst the best cyanoacrylate glue manufacturers in India, Araldite is known to be the world's strongest adhesive proudly taking care of all repair & renovation needs, since the last 70 years.

Our professional-grade adhesives provide solutions to industries and people who aspire for greatness. The leaders of various industries trust in Araldite’s custom made and powerful bonds that can help achieve excellence in everything they do. Araldite’s range of adhesives is the perfect choice for any building, bonding, protecting, or fixing. Being the market leader in adhesive manufacturing, Araldite promises a strong and durable bond for all your creations.

For the self-fixers, Araldite not just takes care of your repair needs but also lets you get creative by providing the best glue that can bond any two surfaces with ease. We recognize your zeal and potential and help you get better with your craftsmanship skills.

All Types of Quick Fix Glue

Broke something and looking for the best quality quick fix glue? You’ve landed on the right page! Araldite’s range of epoxy adhesives can fix anything to anything with ease and in no time. And the best part is that the quick fix glue promises the same strong and durable bonds. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces like wood, plastic, stones and more. So, whether you are fixing something you accidentally broke or want to get creative with your DIY, your search ends here. The industrial-grade quality glue is the best glue in the market and gives you a waterproof bond that lasts forever. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about your favorite item getting exposed to rainwater or getting dropped in the pool. Thanks to Araldite’s water-proof technology, you can take your creations anywhere and everywhere and not worry about them being ruined by water.

They are the most versatile epoxy adhesives you will find in the market. The application can be just about anything from stone, rubber, wood, metal, concrete, glass, ceramic, and most plastics. The powerful bond of the adhesive will make sure your memories will last forever.

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